CD RELEASE - "basement musings"

October 2017
All of us music lovers and record collectors have most likely been drawn over the years to the intimacy of our favorite artist’s “home” or “basement” recordings.  It has always been one of my obsessions. Finding those sometimes crude, often unfinished and sometimes brilliant offerings which in many cases were never meant to be heard by the public, has been one of my favorite musical explorations since I was a young teenager. Bob Dylan and the Band recorded the now famous “Basement Tapes” at the Pink House in Woodstock. Bruce Springsteen gave us “Nebraska”, which he recorded on a half inch reel to reel tape machine in his bedroom. Pete Townshend released “Scoop” back in the early 80’s which was a collection of home demos of many hit Who songs in their infancy as well as wonderful ditty’s by Pete in the privacy and comfort of his home studio; Pete playing all the instruments of course. There are countless others and I’m always intrigued when I find them. There is something special about stripping away the high priced production and fancy studio trickery and hearing the artist at their most vulnerable and open moments, working on their art in its most basic form. Twenty three years and five records later it was high time I ventured down this road. Chris Fitz...“Basement Musings”, is exactly what the title suggests. The music you are listening to was written, recorded, engineered, mixed and otherwise fussed about by me in my home basement studio (Central Street Station) in fits and starts over the course of two years. I played all the instruments, pulled out lots of hair and swore like a sailor as I began to teach myself how to record and mix a
record. There is not a single edit or overdub. I played and sung every track from start to finish until I was satisfied. It’s the essence of “old school” record making. Partly because that is what I wanted and largely because I had no clue what I was doing with my Cubase recording software. Hell, I didn’t even use a single click track. So, it is what it is, a “solo” basement recording of which I am very proud. I had a blast making it and I hope you have a ball listening to it. Now it’s time to head back down into my basement and start another one........